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About Us

-Valor is stability of the heart-

There are many kinds of bravery. The type that we associate with our military typically has to do with public self-sacrifice, mental toughness, and running into the line of fire. But our veterans continue to face challenges when they return from overseas that require a less public, visible kind of bravery. PTSD and anxiety can cause difficulty reintegrating into everyday life, and can impact veterans’ families and communities, not to mention their own mental health and sense of self. Unfortunately, the Veterans Administration simply doesn’t have adequate resources to address the full spectrum of veterans’ mental and physical needs. 

Last Line is a veteran-owned non-profit established to help veterans heal through nature. 

Ryan Decker established Last Line in 2019 with a vision to place tiny homes on his 250-acre family property in rural Pennsylvania.  These tiny homes will serve as a free retreat for veterans and their families and let them disconnect from the fast pace of life for a period of time to help rest their minds and de-stress. 

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